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Blue Thing Group AB is a sales- and service provider with focusing on industrial hydrogen used products. In collaboration with UltimatePower LDA and UTiS LDA from Portugal, we can provide ready to use technology for optimization of combustion processes. Our technology will contribute to reduce fuel costs and lower GHG emissions significant.

Emission testing

To give our clients a baseline for decision making we use the Testo 350 for emission testing. 

The rugged testo 350 portable gas analyzer is ideal for a wide range of professional industrial emission measurements and analysis applications, and is excellently suited for complex data compilation using TECsoft emission compliance software.

The testo 350 combustion gas analyzer is made up of two units:

  • The testo 350 control unit is used to control emission measurements. It has a clearly structured graphic display and four different menu applications to choose from: burner / gas turbine / motors / user-defined applications. The instructions on the display guide you through the measurement and make the steps leading up to it easier. This saves both time and hassle. The control unit can also be used to control the analyzer box when it is not at the exhaust gas pipe or measurement site. This is advisable when working on larger systems.
  • The testo 350 analyzer box contains the sensor system and the electronics. It comes standard equipped with an O2 gas sensor. At least one more sensor is needed (maximum of 6) to operate the box. Optional sensors include sensors for CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, and CXHY.

Fuel consumption monitoring

Fuel consumption monitoring for vehicles and stationary objects allows a machinery-owner or fleet operator to solve a number of tasks:

  • Optimizing machinery operation modes
  • Engine hours and machinery downtime monitoring
  • Recalculation of fuel consumption quotas
  • Fuel theft prevention
  • Prediction of maintenance date

Benefits of implementing fuel consumption monitoring:

Another important task is solved – engine operating time monitoring. That helps fleet manager to exclude inappropriate use or excessive downtime of the machinery.

Engine operation time recording also helps to shift to a performance-based pay system for drivers and operators of the equipment. That means drivers are paid for actual working time and achieved fuel economy score.

Fuel consumption monitoring system allows machinery-owner to recalculate fuel consumption quotas for each unit of equipment.
Our experience shows that fleets, which operate less common tractors or special vehicles, have just a general idea of ​​the real consumption of diesel fuel. The consumption rates (quotas) approved by governmental bodies or by the company’s internal documentation is also inaccurate because they do not include influence of machinery working conditions.

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