Blue Thing Group

Blue Thing Group AB is a sales- and service provider with focusing on industrial hydrogen used products. I collaboration with UltimatePower LDA and UTiS LDA from Portugal, we can provide ready to use technology for optimization of combustion processes. Our technology will contribute to reduce fuel costs and lower GHG emissions significant.

About Us

To see things from Above and Beyond. How a passion for height turns into a company that connected ideas and people.

Blue Thing stands for partnerships between companies and their attitude to try to be more environmental conscious. The founding idea of Blue thing is to provide simple solutions in environmental technology that speaks for itself. The realistic approach to technology gives us the possibility to work with down to earth solutions. Providing services and technologies that gives a real return on investment connect us to our customers. The fast reduction of harmful emissions makes sense when it can be done immediately.
As a small company we are cooperating with local suppliers for the benefit of our operations. Our technology partners UTiS and UltimatePower made the state-of-the-art hydrogen technology available. With experienced professionals in their organizations we can provide a brought range of services and practical solutions. Our knowledge about the Nordic markets and at least knowing the mentality and languages makes us a great link between ideas and solutions. 
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