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The Future of Energy will be Blue

Sustainability and the economy

As we stand, the burning of fossil fuels takes place in a small number of large-scale plants. The large scale of incineration of fossil fuels will still pollute the environment. At the same time our needs for transportation is depending on the internal combustion engine.
By using our groundbreaking hydrogen technologies, the amount of polluting greenhouse emissions can be lowered in all types of combustion processes. With our UtimateCell® technology we provide solutions to meet the demands from tomorrow.
Hydrogen as catalyst 

H2 to Industry

The manufacture of hydrogen-producing equipment, for use as an optimizer in combustion processes, included in the patents, allowed ULTIMATE CELL®, and in a self-sustained manner, an advanced development of the production of H2 from Alkaline Electrolysis and Electrolysis by Protonic Membrane.
Today this allows to leverage, with high technical confidence, different nature of projects involving the production of Hydrogen, which are very necessary and strategic for energy management and transition, nowadays essential in any developed country policy.
An Exceptional Technology provided to the world stage, to optimize the Industrial Continuous-Combustion Process UC3 – Ultimate Cell® Continuous Combustion optimizing system, is created and patented by UTIS Co. A disruptive innovation that creates a new prospect within the industrial communities, and reshapes the well-established continuous-combustion industrial process, for better and more efficient business performance.
The Ultimate Cell – Engine is pioneering technical system, installed in machinery, engineering equipment, industrial transport, and large power generators, Trucks and cars. Delivering fuel consumption reductions of over 5% and reductions in harmful gas emission by up to 80%. The investment in the Ultimate Cell system as an improvement to the commercial fleet or machinery is an economically rewarding decision.
Combustion Efficiency
Extreme energy consumption and rising urban pollution are the heart of the issue and require revising the global energy systems on a universal scale. It is immense endeavor to accomplish and to ensure a sustainable future for us all. Consequently, UTiS`s Technology approach has become a reality and an indispensable component, complementing the continuous-combustion industrial process, and improving considerably its overall operational effectiveness.
Partner with Us
Our technology is in daily use on five continents. Hydrogen will be part of future energy solutions for all types of industries. By partnering with our technology, you will take the ultimate step into hydrogen and sustainability. Our international network of hydrogen experts and user experience will give you the safety for employing UltimateCell technology for your industry. By using our in-depth knowledge, you will be ready for future demands on fuel efficiency and emission regulations.
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