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The Future of Energy will be Blue

Blue Thing is pioneering technology solutions to slash GHG emissions and boost fuel savings

Fossil fuels pollute the local environment where they are used and contribute to global warming. Your vehicle fleets and industrial processes can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. If you're looking to improve your eco-credentials, consider a change to your combustion processes with products and comprehensive support from Blue Thing.

Technology as catalyst 

Emission Reduction

Incomplete combustion, friction losses and fuel deviation are accountable for more than 30% of global emissions. Modern technology like Nano technology, hydrogen technology and filter technology can cut these losses. These technologies will be the drivers for lower emissions. The need for lowering the cost from combustion processes in all sectors of the industry is the key for future safe opperation. To meet higher standards in environmental engagement of organization and raising of the green profile of those will strengthen their trustworthiness for their clients. We are deeply committed to deliver the most suitable strategies in lowering of fuel savings and emission reduction.

An Exceptional Technology provided to the world stage, to optimize the Industrial Continuous-Combustion Process UC3 – Ultimate Cell® Continuous Combustion optimizing system, is created and patented by UTIS Co. A disruptive innovation that creates a new prospect within the industrial communities, and reshapes the well-established continuous-combustion industrial process, for better and more efficient business performance.

The Blue – Thing strategy is a technical system, installed in machinery, engineering equipment, industrial transport, and large power generators, Trucks and cars. Delivering fuel consumption reductions of over 5% and reductions in harmful gas emission by up to 80%. The investment in the Blue – Thing strategy as an improvement to the commercial fleet or machinery is an economically rewarding decision.

Combustion Efficiency
Extreme energy consumption and rising urban pollution are the heart of the issue and require revising the global energy systems on a universal scale. It is immense endeavor to accomplish and to ensure a sustainable future for us all. Consequently, BT's Technology approach has become a reality and an indispensable component, complementing the combustion process and improving considerably its overall operational effectiveness.

Superior service and honest advice

We understand that optimising combustion processes isn't a decision you can take in a day or even a week. You want to understand how our products contribute to the claimed improvements, but also see them in action and measure performance. To this end, we offer emission testing and fuel consumption monitoring to help you make an informed choice.

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