Continuous Combustion

A technology that improves combustion efficiency through the injection of specific amounts of hydrogen gas “H2”.
Hydrogen offers an effective opportunity to magnify continuous combustion in industrial applications. The scientific principle of our technology is the central production, and injection of specific, pressurized amounts of hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen gas (O2). This technology is designed to optimize the industrial continuous-combustion reaction. When operating, the UC3 – Ultimate Cell ® initiates an electrolysis reaction inside its PEM electrolyze (which can range in size). Resulting in the chemical separation of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) molecules. These H2 and O2 molecules are then injected with controlled pressure, as per system operational needs, into the combustion stream. This pathway results in intensifying the combustion, increasing its efficiency and lowering its CO2 emissions. Utilizing from the chemical integration of the hydrogen fuel as a catalyst to hydrocarbon-fuel combustion.
UC3 – Ultimate Cell ® Continuous Combustion technology has overcome all challenges to reduce industrial Capex requirements to a cost-effective level.
Up to 75% Replacement of Fossil Fuels
Higher Utilisation of the Heating Value
Up to 10% higher Production Efficiency

UC3 – Ultimate Cell® Continuous Combustion

The correlation of hydrogen with other combustibles for the enhancement of combustion processes is well known. in our technology we have chosen to use PEM electrolyzers as the primary source for the hydrolyzes of water. By producing hydrogen onside, we skip the need for storage of hydrogen. This contributes to very high safety standards. The basic configuration of the equipment and the combustion process is allowing a shortcut in optimization of combustion processes where carbon is the primary source of combustion.

This is achieved by raising the speed off the combustion process in combination with lower deviation in the overall effectiveness off the process.


UltimateCell til Motorer

UltimateCell® til forbrenningsmotorer sørge for at drivstoff blir mer komplett forbrent. Gjennom tilføring av veldig lite mengder hydrogen til inntaksluften oppnå denne effekten. Resultatet er lavere drivstofforbruk og på dieselmotorer opp til 60% mindre sotutslipp. Det sørge for at motorer leve lengere. Videre blir katalysatorer og eksosanlegget renset. På bensin drevene motorer sørge UC teknologien for my mindre NOx utslipp. Med en økt innblanding av biodrivstoff i diesel og bensin vil forbruket gå opp. Med en UC-system kan denne økning forhindres. UltimateCell® finnes for bil-, maritime-, og lastebilmotorer.
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Our technology is in daily use on five continents. Hydrogen will be part of future energy solutions for all types of industries. By partnering with our technology, you will take the ultimate step into hydrogen and sustainability. Our international network of hydrogen experts and user experience will give you the safety for employing UltimateCell technology for your industry. By using our in-depth knowledge, you will be ready for future demands on fuel efficiency and emission regulations.
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