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A technology that exted the life cycle of your oil by many times

The application of nanoparticles in internal combustion engines improves their tribological (how interacting surfaces behave in relative motion) properties and increases their thermal conductivity. Nanoparticles have been seen to improve certain characteristics of lubricant oil, such as better friction and wear resistance and greater load carrying capacity. These advantages occur without any changes to the chemical properties of the oil.

The development of nanoparticles as engine oil additives is still an emerging field. The Blue Thing is leading the race for 'nano engine oils', currently offering some of the world's first lubricant additives that enhance engine oils and deliver advantages over conventional oils.

NanoVit® Cleaner and NanoVit® Renovator can make a difference to your sustainability targets and give you an edge over the competition. By using NanoVit® technology for your operations, you can:

     -        All types off internal combustion engines
     -    Gearboxes
     -        Hydraulic systems
Higher Utilisation of the Fuel Value
Up to 10% Reduction of Fossil Fuels
Lower  Maintanance Costs
Up to 60% Less Particle Emission

Nanovit  Renovator

The product ensures long-term protection against wear, the effects of which last for about 3 oil changes. The use of MotorRenovator is proven to reduce wear and friction. The application increases engine power and decisively prolongs the engine’s lifetime. NanoVit® does not change the chemical and physical characteristics of the lubricants or the basic data certified by the manufacturer.

Benefits and effects:

   - Optimisation of engine performance, particularly in the lower rpm range
   - Significant reduction in fuel consumption
   - Cleaning and regeneration of the friction surfaces
   - Reduction in oil consumption and improvement of the viscosity of the oil
   - Reduction of harmful substances such as CO2 and NOx and lowering of engine noise

The NanoVit® MotorRenovator set consists of NanoVit® MotorCleaner for the first application phase and NanoVit® MotorRenovator for the second application phase. The application method is to be taken from the instruction leaflet.

NanoVit® Cleaner

NanoVit® Cleaner:

NanoVit® is one of the world’s first lubricant additives that positively influences the structure of the engine oil based on physical principle. The restructuring of the oil

The product guarantees the complete cleansing of the engine, removing all deposits and coking. At the same time, it guarantees long-term protection against wear!

Benefits of using NanoVit®:

 - Complete cleaning of the engine, removing all deposits and cocking.

 -  Cleaning and regeneration of the friction surfaces. Surface tension and wear are reduced.

 - Lowering the internal mechanical losses of the engine.

 - Reduction in the engine oil consumption

The NanoVit additive does not change the chemical and physical characteristics of the used lubricants or the basic data by the manufacturer.

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NanoVit® is a unique success technology used by many companies all over the world. Driven by the idea to combine the need for more sustainability and using recourses more carefully, this technology will give a better environmental profile. On the other hand the use of NanoVit® is a great example that environmental friendly technology will cut your operational costs of engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems significant down.

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